How does Simply Built work?

Our goal is to make things as easy as possible. You should enjoy your website, not be burdened by it. Here’s our process in a nutshell:

Select Your Web Design Package

We make this step easy – we have ONE package! It includes EVERYTHING you need to have a web page. 

There are options available for those clients who have business or high end sites that need more power. 

We can also design additional pages for all of your needs!

Fill Out Our Survey

Your web designer will send you a digital survey to fill out. This survey will help your designer build the perfect website. You will be asked to give us details about you, your business, location, hours, products and services, etc.

We will also ask you to upload your logo, if you have one, and any images that you would like to have on the site. And if you get stuck, your designer is standing by to help you along.

We Build Your Site

Using the information you provided in your survey, your designer goes to work to build your site to your specifications. They will work with you the entire time – they’ll ask about your color preferences, font choices, image overlays… All the things that you might not think about if you were trying to build a site yourself.

Your designer will make as many revisions as necessary until you are completely happy with the final product.

Our Builds Include

Landing Page

Domain Name

Fast Hosting

Nightly Backups

SSL Security

Software Updates

Security Checks

Uptime Monitoring

Link Checker


Contact Us For Any Changes

As part of your monthly agreement, we will make unlimited changes to your site. These can be design changes (changing site colors, fonts, layout) or content changes (changing text, images, maps, etc).

All you have to do is open a ticket, and your designer will get to work as soon as possible. Most changes are done within 24 hours of your request, as they’re completed in the order they come in. If you need faster edits, upgrade to our Performance+ package and your requests jump to the front of the line!

Get Started!

You’re on your way to having a fresh new website with NO HASSLE.